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Fantastic Learning Experience

World War Two Evacuee Experience

The Evacuees team were recently nominated for a team award to “Dorset Volunteers” during October 2015 for their services to the community.

This World War Two experience is available to schools right through the academic year and must be booked in advance. This is an interactive tutored programme designed and adapted to meet curriculum requirements.

Around 3000 pupils visit Nothe Fort each year and enjoy a programme of activities based on the life of an evacuee sent to Weymouth during World War 2. The programme is packed full of realism, role-play, 1940s discipline and the dreaded times tables.

The evacuees are encouraged to arrive dressed in World War 2 clothing and carrying their gas mask box. They are usually split into 4 or 5 groups of between 6-10 pupils (depending of the number of children) and participate in the following activities:

    1. Receiving air raid precautions instructions before taking cover in an air raid shelter and using a stirrup pump to put out a fire; the fire may not be real but the water is.
    2. Lessons in the Fort’s schoolroom, including lessons on pound, shilling, and pence and sending a post card home to parents telling them about their new lives in Weymouth.
    3. Visiting the Fort’s 1940s shop and experiencing rationing and the difference between the range and quantity of food during World War 2 and the vast range of foods found in today’s supermarkets.
    4. Visiting a 1940s kitchen and experience the pleasures of washing without the use of a modern automatic washing machine and cooking without fancy kitchen gadgets and microwaving fast foods.
    5. Visiting the Weymouth at War exhibition that show the differences between the life of an evacuee and the life of today’s visitor to Weymouth.

    If time allows touring the Fort and visiting the Nothe Fort Gift Shop for a souvenir of your trip.

    The programme runs from 10am to 2.15pm, however if schools coming from further away require some flexibility on times please get in touch. We will endeavour to accommodate your requirements. If you are running late all we ask is for your to get in touch and let us know.

    Please note the maximum number of children permitted is 45 on any given day. This is in place for logistical reasons and ensures the learning experience for the children and teachers will not be diminished. Please also note that the minimum number is 18 on any individual day. This is to ensure there is enough children to participate in the group activities. If your number fall below this amount, Nothe Fort may advise you to come in with an existing booking where pupil numbers are not so high.

    The cost of the visit will be £4.00 per pupil. There is no entry charge for teachers or adults accompanying the pupils on each visit up to a maximum of seven. The charge for adults in addition to this will be £4 per person. However if you have any special needs and require more than the normal ratio of one adult per ten pupils, please let us know in advance of your visit.

    Please note that large coaches usually seating 50 passengers cannot access Horsford Street and Barrack Road, they need to drop off passengers in Brewers Quay car park as located on the map and walk the short distance (approximately 10 minutes) to the Fort via the Nothe Gardens.

    For more information regarding this comprehensive World War 2 experience, please download highlighted files below.

    Guidance Notes: Booking Form: Emergency Procedures: Gas Mask Making Guide: Pupil List Form

    Risk Assessment: Identity Card: World War Two Songs: Rationing Questions: Rationing Answers:

    Please complete enquiry form all for booking enquiries:

    Schools & Colleges

    School & College groups are also very welcome. You have two options, to walk around at your own leisure or guided tour. Please note appropriate supervision is required at all times.

    The cost is only £2 per pupil. A guided tour will cost an additional £2 per person. The time period would be flexible, however allow up to two hours.

    The educational value of Nothe Fort is both extensive and rewarding to school groups, please see history and museum sections for background information, as well as files highlighted below to download and print off if required.

    If you would like a guided tour on a particular period in history or general overview, please contact to arrange. Please allow sufficient time for your visit to see the many displays on offer.

    Hunt out the mice who have taken up residence and causing riot in the many rooms and passageways that make up the fort. If you seek them out you can get a certificate from Reception.

    School Information Pack: Booking Form: Brief History: Worksheet: School's Risk Assessment:

    Please complete enquiry form all for booking enquiries:

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