Weymouth's Historic Sea Fort on the Jurassic Coast

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We have a reputation as being one of the most Haunted Sites on the south coast!

Paranormal Activity at the Fort

Ghost, ghouls and things that go bump in the night are scaring up a host of new visitors to our historic and atmospheric attraction.

The site has always had a legendary ghostly whistling gunner and many people claim to have heard his eerie whistling in the Fort's extensive underground passageways. Tales of this phantom have been talked about for decades around Weymouth and the Fort affectionately has a passageway dedicated to him. Who this 'shade' actually is, is at this time, unknown.

A survey carried out in 2007 by The National Lottery discovered that the Fort was voted one of the spookiest locations in the UK; in fact staff members sometimes refuse to visit certain areas by themselves.

Other eye witness reports are that of a white figure seen walking the parapets of the building when it is locked and there should be nobody there.

Nothe Fort is becoming increasingly popular for paranormal activity giving our visitors an experience of a very different kind. Established paranormal organisations are setting up ghost hunts to give visitors a hands on interactive approach to experience the different techniques used to conduct investigations. Some using sophisticated scientific equipment, while others using more traditional methods.

During the events, participants are given an introductory workshop and training in the equipment they will use for conducting experiments including meters to measure changes in frequency, thermometers, motion detectors, and devices to record ‘electronic voice phenomena’ i.e. ghostly sounds. All ghost hunters are invited to bring their own digital cameras and night vision equipment to assist them.

Previous Investigations

Supernatural Investigations UK undertook a Paranormal investigation at Nothe Fort back in 2010 and compiled a comprehensive report on their findings and have kindly given permission to share this with all interested parties. Please see link below:

Supernatural Investigations UK Report 20th March 2010

Other groups who have used the Fort included:

Ghost Hunt UK Events: Dark Encounters Encounters: Southern Ghost Society: Supernatural Tours UK: Ghost Hunter Tours: Ghostly Goings On: Beyond The Grave: Supernatural Investigations UK: Shadows of the Night: Beyond The Grave: Twisted Sisters Paranormal Group: Spirit-Explorers

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Please note we will require a completed Booking Form, proof of current public liability insurance (usually 5 million) and risk assessment. We recommend any groups new to the venue to arrange a site visit. All bookings are subject to Terms & Conditions of Hire. Please feel free to download relevant forms.

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The period of hire is from 7.30pm to 2.30am. Numbers should not exceed 30, this is to ensure visitors get the most out of their visit, their experienced is not compromised and health & safety reasons. We recommend new groups to the Fort conduct a site visit in advance. All groups will have an area to use as a base complete with tables and chairs, hot water urn for tea & coffee and power points for equipment. Staff will be on hand to assist with your requirements.