Weymouth's Historic Sea Fort on the Jurassic Coast

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The Volunteers are the lifeblood of Nothe Fort and undertake many roles

During the period when the Fort is open to the public the volunteers man the reception, shop and museum areas. When the Fort is closed to the public the volunteers undertake essential repairs to the fabric of the Fort and build new exhibits for the museum. The volunteers also undertake research work and care of the artefacts in the museum’s collection.

Nothe Fort is also a good place to make new friends and play a vital and rewarding role in the protection of an important part of the Nation’s heritage. Contact our dedicated Volunteer Liaison Officer using the enquiry box for more information on and to discuss the varied roles of our volunteers. A warm welcome awaits you at Nothe Fort.

Nothe Fort Volunteer Milestone

The Fort recently celebrated the 90th Birthday of one of our long serving and still highly valued volunteers. Eric Manton, a former Graphic Designer and College Lecturer said, “I strongly believe working at the fort has provided many interests and comradeships over the years as well as a lot of fun”. “And of course it gets me out of the house”. Eric was presented with no less than three cakes to mark the occasion which were quickly consumed by other willing volunteers in the Fort View Café.

When asked about what is the secret to longevity, he replied “whisky and women”, and both can be located at the Fort“.

The Fort is a great place to spend time stimulate your mind and socialise with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. The Fort has a wide range of personalities from all walks of life who are very hands on, responsive and friendly Not many people know about the small army of willing volunteers that offer many skills and a great deal of time to the day to day operations and on-going maintenance programme. Fort Chairman Brian Martin said, “we could not operate without them and owe them much gratitude for their time and dedication as well as countless achievements over the years. The sustainability of this local heritage attraction is in their hands”.

If this appeals to you and you would like further information on this very rewarding role please contact the Volunteer Liaison Officer using the enquiry box.

Please also download Volunteer Application Form: Volunteer Policy:

Please feel free to contact us for an informal chat.

Please click on link for Archive Footage of Nothe Fort and its volunteers.


Our team of evacuee experience volunteers act out the role of World War 2 teachers, shopkeepers, air raid wardens and housewives.
The reception and shop are managed by our Front of House Manager supported by volunteers. There are generally 5 volunteers on duty at any one time so there is always plenty of company and a great team spirit with everyone helping out.
Volunteers meet at the Fort on Thursdays during the winter months to undertake a wide range of work to upgrade and improve the Fort’s fabric, build new exhibits, carry out research and care for the Fort’s artefacts.

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